My 15 year old dog


Dinky is my adorable 15-year-old JRT.

Last month, I was left in tears, as she was on death’s door.   On the 13th August, I took her to the vets, as she was scratching a lot.  He found a flea and prescribed Bravecto.   A miracle flea control that would keep in her system for 12 weeks.

It was in a chewable table form, but she would not take it, so have to friendly persuade her.  All seemed well, until 6 days later, Sunday 19 August.   I found her collapsed in the garden.  I did not know how long she was there, but she was wet, cold and very dirty.  I picked her up, took her indoors and gave her a shower.    I will say that she was not insured, as 5 years ago I became ill myself and have been on benefits since.  I was afraid she would not see the night through.   She would not eat, but was taking some water, although was bringing what she drank back up.

The following day, I took her to the vets.  I do not have transport and she could not walk.  She just sat there, which a look of “I just cannot move”.   I carried her to the vets and he decided to keep her in for the day, to treat the dehydration and nausea.  He rang me to say that she had perked up a bit,  but would not eat.  I mentioned that she would not take food off people she did not know, and we both put it down to that.  I collected her at 7pm that night, was given some steroids and antiboitics and carried her back. home.  She immediately went for a drink and within 10 minutes, she brought it back up.  That night, was another night of thinking she would not make it through.

The next morning, she did seem a bit perkier and was managing to keep water down, although would still not eat.   If I put her food dish anywhere near her, she would start shaking and trembling.   I decided to take each day at a time and if no improvement, to take her back to the vets.

Wednesday, she perked up a little bit more, but would still not eat, although drinking normally and not being sick.   I thought that the tablets were working, as each day, there was a little bit of difference.

Thursday, being day 4 of not eating, I decided that she needed something inside her, and tried her on some baby food.  She would not touch it, but I put little bits in her mouth and she swallowed it.  I was doing this every hour, day and night.

The next day, Friday, I took her back to the vets and after managing to get some money together, he   did a blood test, to reveal high liver enzymes.  He then suggested a CT scan, which he did.   It did not show any damage to the liver, so he prescribed further steroids.

All through the weekend, I was feeding her on baby food, but she would not eat freely.  I was having to put it in her mouth and encouraging her to swallow.

Bank Holiday Monday, my heart dropped.  She started with jaundice and her body, ears and whites of her eyes were yellow.  Reality had now set in and I was prepared for the worse.

Back to the vets the next day, who said that he had tried everything within my budget and as it had not worked, he did not see her making a recovery.  We both agreed that she was not in pain and I told him that whilst she was not in pain, I would let her live out however long she had left.   As soon as she was in pain, I would be back to do the unspeakable.

She walked home, although very slowly and as she walked past some grass, she stopped to eat some.    My thoughts were that if she felt sick, it could be a reason why she would not eat.  If I could give her something for this, she may want to eat.

Back home, I started researching and came across Milk Thistle and CBD oil.  I ran down to Hollands and Barretts and brought home some Milk Thistle.   They did not have any CBD oil, so I ordered that later through their website.

I had no idea on the Milk Thistle dosage, but managed to get a capsule down her.   Without a word of a lie, within an hour there was a difference in her.  She had perked up immensely.   She then emptied her bowels, and walked to her food dish.  I made her some food, but she would not take it from the dish.   She was trembling, but would eat it from my hands.   This is the first time she had willingly taken any food for over a week.

The sides effects of Milk Thistle, was diarrhea if given to much.   SO I decided I would increase the dosage each day.    That day, I have her two capsules,  Wednesday, three capsules and Thursday four capsules.

Wednesday, although would still eat from my hands, she was shaking and trembling.   During the day, the CBD oil delivery arrived and I immediately gave her a capsule.  Again, the results were amazing.Within 30 minutes, she had eaten a pouch and a half of dog food from my hand, with little trembling.

The results of too much CBD oil, I had read, was tiredness.  I decided that she had not really slept properly for 10 nights and she needed as much rest as possible.

From Thursday, she was on 2 capsules of CBD oil and 4 capsules of Milk Thistle.  I put her on home cooked food, chicken, rice, cottage cheese and veg, or fish, rice, yoghurt and veg.

By Friday, she was eating normally and noticed that the jaundice was beginning to fade.

Saturday, the jaundice had completely disappeared.

3 weeks later, I am now giving her 1 milk thistle capsule and 1 CBD oil capsule a day, and she is back to the dog I knew.

I will never know what caused this, but I have my suspicions.  I also realised what a fighter she is and she did not give up.

I do know that Milk Thistle and CBD oil saved her life.  I thank Hollands and Barretts for stocking these.

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